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Avenza Maps Features We Love

In the words of the people who make Avenza Maps, find out about our favourite features of the app.

In the Field - BayWa r.e.

Mobile Mapping in Wind Power Design Projects

Renewable energy developer BayWa r.e. uses mobile mapping and data collection with Avenza Maps Pro to aid in the iterative planning process for large projects.

Avenza Maps - Getting Started

How to Locate Yourself on a Map in the App

Here's a quick video tutorial on how to get started using the Avenza Maps app.

Using Avenza Maps in Citizen Science Projects

Equipping Citizen Scientists to Help Extend a Research Area

Read how researchers are using the Avenza Maps app to enable Citizen Science in a project to help save an endangered species of rabbit.

Finding maps in the Avenza ap Store

Finding Maps in the Avenza Map Store

There are nearly 1 million maps in the Avenza Map Store. See how to easily find the right one.

sustainable forest management at Huber Resources

Sustainable Forest Management at Huber Resources

Forest management is an industry that uses maps extensively in its operations. Find out how mobile mapping is helping this company practice responsible silviculture.

Setting plaecmarks in Avenza Maps

Annotating a Map with Placemarks

One of the basic features of Avenza Maps is the ability to drop placemarks on a map. Find out how in under 30 seconds.

Recoding GPS Tracks in Avenza Maps

Recording Your Movement on a Map

Whether you need a record of where you travelled or just want to see the path you took, you're just a few taps away from recording your GPS tracks in the app.