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This map shows the key spots to visit within the Yvyturuzu mountain range of Paragua…
Map Bundle Mbaracayu
This is a complete map package of all trails within Mbaracayu Reserve and the reserv…
Mbaracayu Reserve
This map is of the entire reserve. It includes trails and other related information.
Trail Of Greta
This trail visits ferns dating back to the age of the dinosaurs and a freshwater spr…
Reserva Mbaracayu Center
This map is a guideline for where the visitor accommodations are within the visiting…
Arroyo Moroti
A trail through the Mbaracayu Reserve that goes past one of the prettier rivers in t…
Sendero Aguara'i Mbaracayu
This trail is the closest to the main camping area in the Mbaracayu Reserve, good pl…
Orienteering Sociego
This map was created for an orienteering event near Emboscada, Paraguay. Located pri…

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