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Open Dive Sites: Malpaso Creek
Read more at https://opendivesites.org/Malpaso_Creek
Open Dive Sites: Monastery Be…
Read more at https://opendivesites.org/Monastery_Beach
Open Dive Sites: Lovers Cove
Read more about this site here: https://opendivesites.org/Lovers_Cove
Open Dive Sites: Ed Ricketts …
Read more about this area at https://opendivesites.org/McAbee_Beach
Reefcheck: South Monastery
South Monastery Site Notes -Deep site, keep and eye on air and no-decompression ti…
Reefcheck: Spanish Bay
Spanish Bay Site Notes: -New Site -Reef juts out from shore at 340 degrees Eme…
Reefcheck: Breakwater
Breakwater Site Notes: -Pay for parking -Core 3 starts at the "10" on the wall -…
Bathyscope Dive Map: Marine P…
Collection, harvest and take of fish or wildlife within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs…

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