Avenza Maps Release Notes

Avenza Maps v4.1 Release notes: September 7, 2022

What's New

  • External elevation service for placemarks.
  • Scale bar added to map view.
  • Ability to change placemark scale from setting.
  • Classic placemark pins were added as a symbol set.
  • Search history added to the map store.
  • Fixed issue related to attribute schemas not maintaining order.
  • Fixed issue related to layer content visibility in map collections.
  • Placemark aggregation is disabled by default.

Avenza Maps v4.0 Release notes: April 18, 2022

What's New

  • Completely redesigned app (logo, colours, icons, and screens)
  • Brand new Map Store (improved Search, landing page, activities, categories, and more!)
  • New Map Viewer compatible with Basemaps
  • Optimized app performance on first startup
  • Ability to reorder and manage custom attributes and picklists
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Avenza Maps v3.15 Release notes: October 14, 2021

What's Improved

  • Renewable Plus and Pro subscriptions on Android. We’ve introduced renewable Plus and Pro subscription purchase options for our Android users so that you’ll never forget to renew.
  • Share your placemarks like never before. Recipients of your placemarks will now be directed to where they can get a map to view your placemark.
  • Managing your account. Updates to managing your account information and activating your store access make your account more accessible than ever.
  • Enhanced usability. Many text adjustments and usability updates to provide a consistent cross-platform experience.
  • Improved Map Store browsing. Tablet users can now enjoy the ability to collapse the list in the Map Store and browse content using map view.

What's Fixed

  • [iOS] Your GPX data exports will now fully conform to industry-standard guidelines.
  • [Android] We’ve addressed an issue where purchasing a new subscription would sometimes fail if you had an expired subscription.
  • Support for Android 6 & 7 has now been discontinued in order to facilitate the latest app updates.

Avenza Maps v3.14 Release notes: April 1, 2021

What's Improved

  • Navigation arrival radius values tweaked for increased accuracy
  • Individual bundle maps can be previewed in the store
  • Character counter visible in the description field for map features
  • We now recall your list position when leaving and returning to the store
  • You can see more of the map when browsing store products
  • Additional minor improvements

What's Fixed

  • GPX export optimized
  • Android devices with large fonts now scale up the bottom panel in map view
  • Clarified the active map filters and layer indicator for Android users
  • Additional minor bug fixes

Avenza Maps v3.13 Release notes: December 7, 2020

GPX import for all tiers

  • GPX file import is now available as part of the free subscription

Other Improvements

  • Maps can now be sorted by recently viewed
  • Dynamic unit scaling improved
  • Various bug fixes and usability improvements

Avenza Maps v3.12 Release notes: November 2, 2020

Targeted Android 11 and iOS 14 Support

  • Targeted Android 11 and iOS 14 Support
  • Removed support for iOS 12

Accessibility Improvements

  • Text scaling issues addressed on both platforms

Third-Party Library Updates

  • All third party libraries updated

Other Improvements

  • Map datum support for UTM display formats
  • Magnetic north works properly for Course and Projection to Destination
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Avenza Maps v3.11 Release notes: September 2, 2020

Dark Mode

The app now sports both a ‘Dark Theme’ and a newly redesigned ‘Light Theme’, allowing users to choose how they would like to view the app.

  • Please note that not all iOS operating systems support this dark mode feature. Dark mode is only available for users running iOS version 13.0 or later.
  • In addition to using the system level theme, supported devices can also manually toggle between light or dark mode.

New Units of Measurement

We added new settings and units to measure distance, speed, angle and pace, as well as streamline the user experience around measurement units.

  • Avenza Maps Pro users will now have access to the following additional unit options:
    • Distance: Chains
    • Angle: Milliradians (MIL)
  • All unit settings are now managed within a single settings page. Users can select between Metric, Imperial, Nautical presets, or configure a custom selection to manage how units are displayed for the aforementioned metrics throughout the app.

Avenza Map Store

  • Full Dark Mode support in the Map Store
  • The bottom navigation bar has been restored, allowing users to easily navigate into and out of the Map Store
  • Ability to search using Latitude, Longitude coordinates
  • Removal of the Legacy Map Store from the app
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Other Improvements

  • GPS, Tracking, and Navigation screens will now switch between Metres and Kilometers / Feet and Miles when passing a certain threshold (rather than displaying .01 Kilometers)
  • Ability to multi-select when adding photos to a Placemark (New for Android)
  • Ability to ‘Disable All’ icons in a symbol set (iOS Only)
  • A message will now show once Navigation destination is reached (iOS only)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Avenza Maps v3.10 Release notes: June 22, 2020

Trimble Integration

After several requests by users, the app now supports parity with several Trimble GPS receivers. Android users can pair using their Trimble Catalyst, TDC, R1, R2, R10 or R12 receiver to the app using the Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM) app. iOS users can pair their Trimble R1 receiver to the app using the Trimble GNSS Status app.

  • Parity with Trimble receivers allows for sub-meter Horizontal Accuracy values to be recorded for location-based activities. These include GPS Track recording, Placemark Averaging, Navigation and Geofencing.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Targeted Android 10 support
  • ‘Resume All’ download option added to My Maps tab to assist users adding multiple maps simultaneously
  • ‘Legacy’ dropbox importer reclassified as a primary storage location
  • iOS alphabetized sort for importing files through iTunes File Share
  • iOS sort support for attaching photos to features via gallery

Other Improvements

  • Additional Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate display format added to Android for parity with IOS -- non-bolded/emphasized UTM format
  • Clarity improvements added for British National Grid (BNG) coordinate format when viewing outside BNG extents -- “Outside Extents” now displays instead of empty text

Various bug fixes and improvements

Avenza Maps v3.9 Release notes: March 10, 2020

GPX Import (Plus and Pro)

  • Users can import GPX file data created from various GPS devices
  • Users can import GPX file data created from MAPublisher
  • Users can import GPX file data created from other desktop software or mobile applications
  • Users can import GPX file data created from previous versions of the Avenza Maps app

Course-Up Map View Mode

  • When enabled, allows map view to rotate in accordance to the user’s direction of travel

Registration Deeplinks

  • Subscription server administrators can distribute registration links to field users
  • Field users can interact with registration links to quickly log into plus or pro accounts

New Coordinate Display Formats

* We have added additional formats to display users coordinates, allowing them to better locate themselves using their preferred display format.

* We have added:

  • What3Words
  • BNG (British National Grid)
  • UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)

Avenza Maps v3.8 Release notes: January 8, 2020

Brand New Map Store

The Avenza Map Store has been overhauled resulting in drastic improvements to searching and filtering within the Map Store and an improved user interface. Here’s a summary of the enhancements:

  • Search by keyword and location terms
  • Ability to open an already downloaded map from the Map Store
  • Indication within the Map Store when a map is already installed on the device
  • New Search this Area button to search for maps only in a specific extent
  • Marker clustering when a large number of results have been found on the Map Store Map
  • Swipe through search results on the Map Store’s Map View
  • Location auto-completes when making a search
  • Ability to search and filter your Map Store Download History
  • Localization to select languages within the Map Store
  • Improved categorization of maps and the ability to filter by category and subcategory

Route Navigation

Previous versions of Avenza Maps allowed users to navigate to a placemark on the map. We have expanded on that capability, with an additional navigation activity allowing users to navigate along GPS track and line features. You can even use the ‘Create a Route’ tool to draw a line feature and commence navigation. The enhanced Navigation feature includes several customization properties allowing users to:

  • Navigate a Route in one of two ways
    • Default mode which finds the most efficient path along a route, accounting for potential detours.
    • Alternate ‘Each Point in Turn’ mode requiring arrival to each intermediary route vertex before updating to the next route vertex - suitable for navigating between places of interest.
  • The navigation dashboard statistics update the ‘Time to Next’ time estimates as users traverse a route.
  • Adjust the tolerance used to determine arrival at a line vertex with the Arrival Tolerance settings
  • Choose to reverse the direction of travel when navigating a route

Map Orientation Lock

A frequently requested feature is the ability to lock the map in a particular orientation to prevent it from rotating accidentally while manipulating the map or rotating with the device compass. The Map viewer now includes Map Orientation Lock options allowing you to:

  • Lock a map to a specific heading by inputting the heading
  • Lock a map to the current heading determined by the device compass
  • Lock a map to North using the ‘Lock to North’ toggle
  • Apply map orientation locks to all maps in a collection

Custom Data Export

The data export feature for Android devices has been expanded to match iOS version capabilities. It now includes the ability to select any combination of layers or features when exporting data sets.

Other Improvements

  • ‘Active’ label on layers to clearly convey which layer has been set to active
  • Multi photo select functionality implemented with iOS when attaching photos to features through the device media library
  • Offer custom GPS Accuracy and Time threshold setting

Avenza Maps 3.7 Release notes: June 3, 2019

Avenza Maps 3.7 includes two new mapping features as well as updates to the map management capabilities and several usability enhancements.


Receive a device level notification when approaching or leaving a specified perimeter.

  • Create a geofence on placemarks, lines, tracks, areas, or active maps
  • Set the distance and measurement for the geofence radius
  • Choose whether to be notified when entering, leaving, or both
  • Monitor multiple geofences at the same time
  • Edit and delete geofences
  • Disable or enable existing geofences
  • Multiple ways to create a new geofence
  • Receive a notification when the geofence is triggered
  • Tap the notification to open the Avenza Maps app and view geofences

Plot GPS Average

  • Determine your fixed location with a higher degree of accuracy by sampling the location over a defined period of time and then creating an ‘averaged’ location coordinate.
  • Monitor the individual points as they are collected and choose to plot the average location.
  • Choose manual or automatic averaging
  • Average a location based on a set timer
  • Observe which satellites are in range while fixes are being collected
  • Be notified whether an averaged placemark is or is not stable
  • Observe the standard error for the average
  • Drop a placemark at the averaged location
  • Averaged placemarks retain all relevant information in the feature description including; the number of fixes in the average, duration of average, standard error, and whether the average is considered stable or unstable

Map Version Management

Receive a notification in-app when an update for an installed map is available.

  • In-app notification when map or map bundle updates have been published
  • Learn why a map or map bundle has been updated
  • Choose to download the new version or ignore
  • Choose to replace the original map or keep both versions
  • Retain all collected map data after updating
  • Choose to manually ‘Check for Map Updates’

Avenza Maps v3.6 Release Notes: September 17,2018

A major theme for this release is navigation, as it introduces a suite of features in the new navigation tool set accessible in the new Map View toolbar. We have enhanced the app’s usability by adding the GPS and Tracking features to the new toolbar. The toolbar is easily accessible by swiping up in the Map View to reveal three options; GPS, Tracking and Navigation.


We’ve added some basic GPS location data to the toolbar including altitude information (frequently requested by users!) as well as bearing and accuracy information. Heading in a specific direction? Your course will change based on your average bearing to help keep you orientated!


What was previously the Record GPS Tracks feature has found a new home as the Tracking feature on the Map View toolbar (but it can still be accessed through the Map Tools in the bottom right). This tab includes some of the features from the GPS tab, and also allows you to track distance travelled, average speed and the duration of your tracks. Once you start tracking, swipe the toolbar down to reveal more of your map but keep those valuable tracking statistics viewable at the bottom of the screen.

Navigation within the app is intended to be a direct route to the destination (point-to-point). Navigation can be accessed in the new Map View toolbar but is also quickly available in the Map Tools (three dots) at the bottom-right of the screen.

Project Destination

Do you know the direction and distance to a particular location? Set the bearing and distance to your destination, and the app will place a placemark on the map as a guide. You can choose the bearing by either pointing your device in a direction (the heading will automatically be entered) or lock the compass and type in your own bearing. Select from different units of measurement for your distance like meters, yards, or even minutes by walking!

Navigate to Placemark

There are a few ways to navigate to an existing placemark on the map. Of course, you can select Navigate to a placemark in the navigation tab or you can elect to edit one of your previously placed placemarks on the map by tapping the Navigation button.

Enter Destination Coordinates

Know the specific coordinates of a destination you want to navigate to? We’ve got you covered! If you receive a set of coordinates you want to navigate to, use the Enter destination coordinates option which will place a placemark on the map, create a path between your location and the placemark as a guide, and bring up the navigation features to help lead you to your coordinates.

Once a navigation option is chosen, details such as speed, distance, and estimated time of arrival are shown in the navigation panel and can be accessed for the duration of your course by swiping the toolbar down. This will hide the compass, thereby allowing you to have a full view of the map and the course to your destination while still showing key statistics like speed, distance and the estimated time of arrival to your destination.

Cloud Import and Export Options

We’ve added more opitons for importing and exporting map features with support for cloud storage apps. When importing map features, and choose From Storage Locations to pull up every possible file storage option on your device. New options include Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and other third-party cloud storage applications.

Magnetic North

You can now choose the declination for the app’s built-in compass as it now supports magnetic declination and magnetic north. Users can opt to switch to magnetic north in the Map View settings in the app.

Avenza Maps 3.5 Release Notes: April 30, 2018

This update contains new features and performance improvements as well as fixes for reported issues.

  • User experience improvements, including sorting and filter options on the My Maps screen
  • Newly designed Map Store Login and My Account screens
  • Re-discover, select and re-download previously purchased Map Store maps using new options available on the Downloads History screen
  • Export Layers data directly from the Layers screen
  • Link a layer to any available maps or unlink from all maps from the Edit Layer screen
  • Better quality map previews in Map Store
  • More granular control of map features’ visibility
  • Manage, import or export your data independently of maps using the new Layers tab on Android
  • Brand new bottom navigation bar on Android

Plus subscription

We’ve renamed the Unlock Map Imports subscription tier to Plus. The simply named Plus subscription tier will better align with more features that we’ll be introducing in the near future. This subscription still allows you to import as many of your own maps as you want—ideal for map and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoying sourcing and loading their own or third-party maps.

Active and inactive maps

In this release we’re introducing the ability to make imported maps (not including those downloaded from the Map Store) inactive. In previous releases, the standard version (without a paid subscription) allowed you to only import up to three of your own maps into the app and were limited from importing any more. However, now you’ll be able to import as many of your own maps as you’d like. The first three imported maps will be considered ‘active’ and available to use with all of the app’s functionality. Subsequent imported maps will be considered ‘inactive’. Inactive maps can still be opened and viewed, but without GPS location and map tools enabled. You will have the ability to delete active maps that you no longer use and then activate new ones to stay within the three active map limit. Maps downloaded from the Map Store (versus imported from an external source) are always location-enabled and are never limited. To import an unlimited number of your own maps with full location-enabled features and functionality, Plus and Pro subscriptions are available.

Sort and filter your maps