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How Avenza Maps works

The Avenza Maps® app uses your device's built-in GPS to locate you even when you are out of range of a network or internet connection.

Maps used in the app are geospatial PDFs, GeoPDF or GeoTIFFs. You can import your own, or find just the right one in the Avenza Map Store.

Use the mapping tools in the app to add GPS tracks, add placemarks, add photos and more.

Avenza Maps is free for recreational use. If you need it for work, you'll need an Avenza Maps Pro Subscription

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play

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Browse almost a million free and paid maps in the Avenza Map Store

Refine your search by location, activity or map publisher and download as many maps as you need.

Already got a map? You can load up to 3 into Avenza Maps (more with a paid subscription).

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Get maps from Avenza Map Store

Start your adventure

Avoid getting lost with offline navigation. Customize your maps by adding placemarks and record how far you've gone with GPS tracks. Upload photos along the way for lasting memories of your adventure.

See Pro Features
Avenza Maps app

  • Use maps offline without network internet connectivity
  • Plot placemarks, change pin colors, position and label names, enter attribute data and notes
  • Track real-time movement with GPS (includes speed and elevation statistics)
  • Get notifications when entering or leaving an area
  • Easily find the coordinates of any location in a map
  • Measure distances and areas

See more app features

Map features
  • Maps available for hiking, recreation, national parks, tourists, transit, and many more
  • High quality maps created by cartographers, map agencies and organizations
  • All maps are georeferenced, meaning you can locate yourself on them and view map coordinates
  • Search for points of interest on any map (requires network connection)

Get maps from the Avenza Map Store

Explore the middle of nowhere.

Be adventurous without getting lost

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