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Amsterdam Travel Map 2022


The best city map for, canal trip, bicycle , walk , train , bus , metro and tram. From Schiphol airport to the central station of Amsterdam. A very very detailed map of Amsterdam april 2015. All homes and monuments in the old city are visible. The map gives you a very nice view of the city in combination with the GPS on your divice. Amsterdam is rich in history. On this map, I give an overview of all the monuments in the Old Town. Furthermore, a list of museums and theater. The old center of Amsterdam is actually a large village of 9 square kilometers. The city center have a good public transport network. The compact city has everything to walk properly. Amsterdam is also great to explore by bike. On the map are a number of marked bike rides to the outer regions. More information: Use the information function of the app: ● Find places. ● Record GPS Track. ● Measure ● Find Coordinates ● Use Compas (tap twice on the arrow location (left) Have a nice stay in Amsterdam. Your local Amsterdam map-maker Lion Charmant Look also at the map Amsterdam - 1812 in the store

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Vendor: Mapfactory

Category: Tourist

Activities: Cycling, Orienteering, City Tours

Published: 2014-May

Language: English

Size: 41.6 MB

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