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Greenstone Ridge Trail-5-Isle Royale


The Greenstone Ridge Trail in Isle Royale National Park is a six-map series from and map 5 covers the trail from Hatchet Lake to Lake Desor. The Greenstone Ridge, the backbone to the Lake Superior island, tops 1,300 feet eight times and is responsible for Michigan’s best long-distance hike; the Greenstone Ridge Trail. The Greenstone is technically a 42.2-mile trail that extends from Lookout Louise near the east end of Isle Royale to Windigo on the west end although most backpackers pick it up at Mount Franklin or even Mount Ojibway. Experienced hikers in good shape can cover the 40-plus miles in 3 days, but the Greenstone can also be a good trail for beginners if they come with light packs and have 4 or 5 days to walk it. Map 5 of the trail covers the 8.1 miles from Hatchet Lake Campground to South Lake Desor Campground. It also includes portions of the Minong Ridge Trail and the Ishpeming Trail, the route to Malone Bay. This fully geo-referenced map includes: --10-foot contour lines --All adjoining trails and campgrounds --Amenities and scenic view icons --Mileage flags marking the Greenstone Ridge Trail. A full description of the hike is available at For an introduction to Isle Royale or a complete list of trail maps for the national park by go to

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Published: 2019

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