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CDT Map Set - Wyoming Sections 18-22 - Togwotee Pass to Idaho Border


The Continental Divide Trail Coalition is proud to present this map set as a free comprehensive resource using official US Forest Service data to represent the entirety of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail at the half-mile scale. With these maps, it is our goal to provide the most current and accurate representation of the official CDT route and notable physical attributes located on or near the trail. However, trail conditions and features may change at any time and it is the responsibility of the user to read and understand the disclaimers to the use of this map and the risks associated with all types of use on the CDT. The CDTC and the U.S. Forest Service give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of this data. This includes but is not limited to: -Travel use data. -Water report data. -Waypoint data. -Physical features such as streams and woodland cover. Trail users may find portions of the trail closed or restricted due to wildfires, logging activity, downfalls, washouts and other events. Additionally, the official route is constantly being improved upon or relocated, and may deviate from what is shown in this mapset. While we at the CDTC will work to update this mapset as frequently as possible, it is the duty of the user to be aware of changes to the route due to closures or relocations. The CDT community has developed many alternate routes along the CDT. These have been included in this map set where they fall on the map extents. CDTC does not endorse these routes, nor are they marked or maintained as the CDT. Users utilizing alternate routes should have appropriate navigational resources for following these routes. Water report information displayed in this mapset is classified into known, intermittent, and dry or unreliable according to data from the U.S. Forest Service and community identified water sources. Known water sources should not be assumed to be reliable or of good quality, and all water sources are subject to change at any time. Users are fully responsible for water planning on the CDT, and are encouraged to use multiple sources of information for more timely water reports. This mapset bundle covers Wyoming Sections 11-17 of the CDT - spanning the course of the trail between the Brooks Lake TH north of Togwotee Pass and the Idaho Border in Yellowstone National Park. If you find this free resource useful, consider donating to support their continued maintenance and production at

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Vendor: Continental Divide Trail Coalition

Primary Category: Recreation

Secondary Categorization: Parks, Biking

Published: 2019-April

Language: English

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