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Scottish World Political iMap


A stunning map for your iOS or Android device. International Map Industry Association Gold Award winner for Best Digital Map 2014. The World as it will be after Scottish independence (which was delayed a bit after the September 2014 referendum). This large 1:30 million scale political map shows Scotland as an independent country. In addition it shows roads, railways, capitals, other towns and cities, lakes, rivers, and much more. All on top of a beautiful hill-shaded / ocean depth image. Along the bottom is a panel showing the flags of the World, including the Saltire. Also available as plastic coated paper, as a high resolution image, or as either a Locked PDF or Editable PDF from

Price: $ 4.99 USD

Vendor: XYZ Maps

Category: Topographic

Published: 2014-October

Language: English

Size: 150.0 MB

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