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Thasos 1:55.000


Thasos island is preferred by hundreds of thousands tourists every year. Simple travelers, hikers, mountain bikers, lovers of the beach and crystal clear waters. Thasos combines everything; close to the mainland, half an hour boat trip and 15' to the airport from Keramoti (the harbor at the mainland), beach bars in marble white sand beaches, mountain challenges on Mt Ypsarion, trail running contests and extreme MTB contests, monuments from the ancient era, religious tourism visits in beautiful monasteries. Everything. Our map is the only ever so complete map compiled, with field research 2013 and 2014, will accompany you from beaches to mountain top. Literally all the road network of the island, hundreds of points of interest and an accuracy you will remember.

Price: $ 4.99 USD

Vendor: Geopsis

Published: Greece 2016

Language: English, German, Greek

Size: 13.0 MB

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