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Paggaio Mountain 1:23.000


Paggaio Mountain is situated at a key location between the Philipi plains and the vast Rodopi Mountain range at the northern border of Greece. From its 1956m high peak you can see Mt. Athos, Olympos, Rodopi Peaks, Falakro and much more like islands, plains and beautiful sunsets. Paggaio calls for snow adventures between January and March, has century old footpaths, waterfalls, caves and forest shacks. Many mountaineering associations visit the mountain every season for crossing trails, mountain education, climbing sessions and festivities. Near or on Paggaio mountain are also situated many century old monasteries which have visitors on daily basis. Our map on the scale of 1:23.000 is the only existing map for Paggaio, as accurate as a map can be with latest field research 2013 and in cooperation with the local mountaineering union, EOS Kavalas.

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Vendor: Geopsis

Published: 2016

Language: English, Greek

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