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MUNŢII VLĂDEASA (Vigyázó / Kalotahavas)

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Harta turistică a munţii Vlădeasa Conţine toate traseele turistice. Câteva din principalele obiective turistice conţinute: Vf-le Vlădeasa, Vârfuraşu, Buteasa, Pietrele Albe, Piatra Grăitoare, Lacurile de acumulare Drăgan si Leşu, Cascadele Moara Dracului, Răchiţele si cele din Valea Iadului, Valea Drăganului, Stâna de Vale. Vlădeasa mountains tourist map It contains all tourist routes.

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Category: Tourist

Activities: City Tours

Published: 2015-August

Language: English, Hungarian, Romanian

Size: 140.1 MB

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