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Arizona Peace Trail

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Version 4: Trail update between Lake Havasu City and Golden Shores, near Polaris road.


This is a detailed map of the Arizona Peace Trail, which portrays points of interest and difficult waypoints along the trail. The Arizona Peace Trail (AZPT) is a 675+ mile Off-highway Vehicle loop trail and trail system located in the western side of Arizona. The trail reaches from Yuma, AZ on the south to Bull Head City, AZ on the north while passing through Mohave, La Paz, and Yuma counties. Along the trail system are numerous towns, points of interest and historical sites. The AZPT travels through rolling deserts full of saguaro cactus, red rock landscapes, windy sand washes, narrow canyons barely wide enough for vehicles and mountain passes that reach over 7000 ft. in elevation. The Off-highway vehicle enthusiast will enjoy a trail full of excitement and challenges from easy graded dirt roads to moderate rated trails that once carried miner’s dreams of striking it rich, and difficult trails that will challenge those with even the best driving skills. The AZPT is full of fun terrain variations, picturesque landscapes, historical sites, and a vast variety of plants and wildlife many of which can found nowhere else on earth. The AZPT offers recreation opportunities for all types of Off-highway vehicles. Dual sport bikes, Motocross bikes, ATVs, UTVs, highly modified 4x4s, and even stock SUVs will find the AZPT a fun and rewarding recreational experience. All proceeds generated from the sales of this map go to cover the cost of software and staff time necessary for creating, maintaining, and publishing maps that support the Arizona Peace Trail. Any profits generated go directly back into the further development of the Arizona Peace Trail.

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Published: 2020-June-1

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