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Mount Diablo and Surrounding Parks - Mount Diablo Regional Trail Map

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This updated version includes our map legend, scale, inset maps, cover, and map description. (Please note that map insets will not be georeferenced - GPS will display only within the bounds of the main map.) The final file size of this map has also been reduced by 60% to make it easier to host on your mobile device.


Save Mount Diablo’s “Mount Diablo Regional Trail Map” was created to feature the Diablo Trail, a 30-mile trail from Walnut Creek to Brentwood, and all of the surrounding protected parks and preserves. It showcases the teamwork with our partners in protecting these majestic lands around Mount Diablo. It is our hope that one day the 30-mile trail can extend around the parks in a Grand Loop Trail, encompassing protected lands within. Most of the route for the Grand Loop has already been protected; some sections of it are on public lands that are not yet open to the public. In 2017, we had updated the trail map, which was the latest update since 2012. In just a few months, it became outdated when Anderson Ranch and more parks and preserves were protected throughout the area. For the 2018 edition, we worked with our partners to include all the new conserved lands in Contra Costa County, including some on Mount Diablo. The updated map is beautiful, with a new color scheme and shaded relief. And now, we are able to offer the map online. We thank our partners and sponsors for helping to create this updated map and online version that’s now making the map available to more audiences. We hope this free valuable resource will inspire more people to explore their backyards and deepen their love for nature.

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Published: 2018-July

Language: English

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