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Tonto National Forest - Hewitt Station OHV Trails


This map shows off-highway vehicle accessible roads and trails in the Hewitt Station area of the Tonto National Forest. Please see descriptions of roads and trails in the legend of the map. This publication is a pilot project from the Tonto Recreation Alliance (TRAL) non-profit volunteer group who work with the Tonto National Forest on education about and management of OHV recreational roads and trails. Send us your comments at If you enjoy off-roading and care about Tonto National Forest trails remaining open for your continued use, please check out our website and consider becoming a volunteer. By volunteering, you’ll learn more about the forest, experience great trails that you may not have seen before and have fun while doing important work that is critical to keeping our OHV trails open. In addition to individual volunteers, we support OHV clubs who want to do volunteer work in the Tonto by providing training, tools and supplies. If you don’t have time right now to volunteer, consider a small donation to TRĀL using the Donate link on our site.

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Vendor: Tonto Recreation Alliance

Category: Trails

Activities: Offroading

Published: 2021-August

Language: English

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