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Nightcap National Park TOPO - Minyon Falls area


Topographic 4 map bundle covering the Minyon Falls area of the Nightcap National Park. The bundle gives you access to all maps plus a map index. Walks covered include:- Minyon Loop East Minyon Loop West Minyon Loop Central Condong Falls Trail Boggy Creek Walk Each map covers a 2km square and is generated from LiDAR captured 07/2017. The data is accurate to the sub-meter range and includes:- • 1m elevation contours derived from a bare earth digital elevation model. • water flow lines derived from hydrological modelling of surface water flow. • vegetation from LiDAR classified points of vegetation > 2m above ground. Property boundaries are from NSW LPI and are less accurate – used under licence of Creative Commons. Roads and tracks are from 25k topo – used under licence of Creative Commons. Individual map name is a truncation of the co-ordinates of the SW corner (East_North) of the map tile. The maps are designed to be placed in a Collection folder in Avenza Maps. They will automatically change as you move from one map to another. Zooming in on the Index Map will automatically open the underlying detailed map. Co-ordinates are Map Grid of Australia (MGA - GDA94). Elevation is Australian Height Datum (AHD). For further information visit Bushwalkers who record tracks and points-or-interest can email the track file to in order to assist future bushwalkers and keep the map up to date.

Price: Free

Vendor: Geological Exploration Services Pty Ltd

Category: Topographic

Published: 2018

Language: English

Size: 208.5 MB

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Contains 5 maps:

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