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Bald Rock National Park (south) NSW TOPO


Topographic 7 map bundle covering the southern portion of the Bald Rock National Park. Detailed topographic maps (2 km x 2 km) based on the NSW LiDAR tiles. The data is generated from LiDAR captured 06/2015 and is accurate to the sub-meter range and includes:- • 1m elevation contours derived from a bare earth digital elevation model. • water flow lines derived from hydrological modelling of surface water flow. • vegetation from LiDAR classified points of vegetation > 2m above ground. Property boundaries are from NSW LPI and are less accurate – used under licence of Creative Commons. Roads and tracks are from 25k topo – used under licence of Creative Commons. Individual map name is a truncation of the co-ordinates of the SW corner (East_North) of the map tile. The maps are designed to be placed in a Collection folder in Avenza Maps. They will automatically change as you move from one map to another Co-ordinates are Map Grid of Australia (MGA - GDA94). Elevation is Australian Height Datum (AHD).

Price: Free

Vendor: Geological Exploration Services Pty Ltd

Category: Topographic

Activities: Hiking, Camping, Orienteering

Published: 2018-July

Language: English

Size: 315.6 MB

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Contains 7 maps:

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