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Bigfoot 200 Runner Course Map Bundle


This bundle contains a course overview of the Bigfoot 200 course route as well as all 4 of the 1:23,910 scale section maps. All maps in this bundle use the course route and points of interest downloaded from the event website. The topographic USGS national map is used as the basemap. Map 1: Start to Elk Pass aid station (mile 0 - 76) Map 2: Elk Pass to Council Bluff aid station (mile 76 - 131) Map 3: Council Bluff to Klikitat aid station (mile 131 - 158) Map 4: Klickitat aid station to the Finish (mile 158 - 206) Map 5: Overview of the entire course route These maps are “unofficial drafts” and have not been produced with the supervision of event managers or in any affiliation with the event itself. The maps in this bundle should not replace the need for navigational skills or familiarity with your intended route.

Price: Free

Vendor: RockGardener Maps

Category: Tourist

Published: 2018-July-11

Language: English

Size: 636.7 MB

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Contains 5 maps:

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