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Pedlar Dixon Lake Fishing Guide (Large)


Pedlar Dixon Lake lake is in Monongalia County. The property is owned by WV Division of Natural Resources. Pedlar Dixon Lake lake presents angling opportunities for the following species: Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass. The map contains bathymetric data. Depth data should be used for informational purposes only, not as a navigational aid. Stocking and Regulations: Trout Stocking Information: no Trout stocking. Pedlar Dixon Lake is subject to special fishing regulations. Those regulations are: A. All species of fish must be returned to the water at once. B. No fish shall be in the angler's possession (creel limit 0) while fishing in designated catch-and-release lakes and streams. C. Use of live minnows is prohibited. D. Use of barbed hooks is prohibited. Fishing with minnows is not permitted. Nightfishing is permitted. Amenities: Accessibility: WV Division of Natural Resources has made every effort to make this location accessible to individuals with physical limitations. However, users should be aware that physical and terrain characteristics of these types of sites often prevent us from using designs that are fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act standards. The District Office in charge of this area would welcome a telephone call to discuss your particular needs or concerns. Camping Information: No camping access. Boating Information: No boating available. Contact Information: Contact the District 1 office via phone number 304-825-6787. For more information about this map and others, please visit:

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Vendor: WV Division of Natural Resources

Category: Hunting & Fishing

Activities: Hunting, Camping, Fishing

Published: 2018-October-3

Language: English

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