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Dents Run Lake Fishing Guide (Large)


Dents Run Lake is in Marion County. The property is owned by Consol. Dents Run Lake presents angling opportunities for the following species: Channel Catfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass. The map contains bathymetric data. Depth data should be used for informational purposes only, not as a navigational aid. Stocking and Regulations: Trout Stocking Information: no Trout stocking. Dents Run is not subject to special fishing regulations. Fishing with minnows is not permitted. Nightfishing is not permitted. Amenities: Accessibility: The lake does not offer facilities that are accessible to those with physical handicaps. Camping Information: No camping access. Boating Information: electric motors only Contact Information: Contact the District 1 office via phone number 304-825-6787. For more information about this map and others, please visit:

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Vendor: WV Division of Natural Resources

Category: Hunting & Fishing

Activities: Hunting, Camping, Fishing

Published: 2018-October-15

Language: English

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