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Masivul Rodna


Harta turistică scara 1:25.000 a Masivului Rodna, realizată special pentru aplicaţia Avenza Maps. Conţine toate traseele marcate şi poteci nemarcate bazate pe track-uri GPS. Sunt reprezentate cabanele turistice, refugiile, marcajele turistice, punctele de belvedere, limitele rezervaţiilor naturale, locurile de popas, izvoarele şi cascadele, obiectivele turistice antropice şi naturale, pârtiile de ski şi instalaţiile de transport pe cablu. Tourist map of Rodna Massif 1:25.000 scale, specifically designed for Avenza Maps app. It contains all tourist trails and unmarked trails based on GPS tracks. Tourist chalets, shelters, tourist marks, view points, natural reserve limits, resting places, springs and waterfalls, anthropogenic and natural sights, ski slopes and cableways are represented on the map.

Price: $ 4.99 USD


Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Skiing

Published: 2017-December-9

Language: English, Romanian

Size: 505.4 MB

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