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McKnight Mountain, New Mexico 15 Minute Topographic Map - Color Hillshade


This custom 15 Minute (1:48,000) topographic map is centered on the Black Range within Aldo Leopold Wilderness. This map features all new and updated roads, trails, recreation sites and buildings. It also features land ownership, hillshading, updated magnetic declination, and a UTM and Lat/Long collar. Prominent features include: Aldo Leopold Wilderness, Gila National Forest, Black Range, Diamond Peak, Reeds Peak, Hay Mesa, Kelly Mesa, McKnight Canyon, Black Canyon, Aspen Canyon, Mimbres River, South Diamond Creek, Continental Divide Trail, Black Range Crest Trail, Animas Creek Trail, McKnight Cabin Trail, Powderhorn Ridge Trail, Mimbres Trail, Spud Patch Trail, Seco Trail, Lake Trail, Black Canyon Trail, South Diamond Trail, Rattlesnake Trail, Spring Mountain Trail, Circle Seven Trail, Battle of Las Animas Canyon Monument and Cemetery, McKnight Fire Lookout and Cabin, Reeds Peak Fire Lookout Tower.

Price: $ 14.99 USD

Vendor: Apogee Mapping, Inc.

Category: Topographic

Published: 2017

Language: English

Size: 30.9 MB

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