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Punta Arenas Brunswick Peninsula 2021


Punta Arenas - Cabo Froward - Peninsula de Brunswick When your are at the end of the world - you need a good map! Seno Otway - Estrecho de Magallanes - Cabo Froward Points of Interest, huts, camping, etc. Main and Secondary Roads - Latitude/Longitude lines And remember "Life is Too Short for Bad Maps" - SIG Patagon Or "La Vida es Demasiado Corto para Mapas Malos" In case anybody was asking: SIG stands for Sistema de Información Geográfica or GIS Geographic Information System

Price: $ 0.99 USD

Vendor: SIG Patagon

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Camping, Cycling

Published: 2021-December-8

Language: English, Spanish

Size: 36.0 MB

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