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Tollgate Creek Loop


Cycling route in metro Denver, Colorado, approximately 30 miles and elevation gain of 900 feet. Connects Cherry Creek Trail, Spillway Trail, Tollgate Creek Trail, and a small portion of the Highline Trail. Mix of streets and trails. Most street sections have low traffic intensity. Some have dedicated bike lanes or sharrows (shared space arrows). Junctions and intersections requiring a degree of caution are marked and legible. A writeup of the route can be found at Disclaimer: Cycling can be dangerous. It can be dangerous if you fall, are hit by another cyclist, a car, a train, or a meteor. In all cases, we disclaim responsibility for all bad things that happen to you when you are out on your bicycle (but do not wish them on you). These maps are made from sources that are usually reliable, but GIS data, roads, trails, and routes all change. If you discover a mistake in a map, let us know, and we’ll correct it. Good decision making and sound judgment are the responsibility of the individual. We assume no liability from injury that may result from the use of these maps.

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Published: May 2013

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