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Adventurous Lost Ancient Routes for Red Mountain & Snow Canyon


Dozens of long lost challenging routes once used by the Ancestral Puebloans to access the top of Red Mountain, traverse Red Mountain from Gunlock, and get in and around Snow Canyon State Park. Most of these routes are steep, dangerous and unmarked without cairns or signs of use. Extra caution is required because of cliffs, ledges, loose falling rocks, steepness, and remoteness--use this guide and these routes at your own risk! Inform others of your plans and never hike alone. Carry food, water, first aid, cell phone, and gear that would allow for injury or an unplanned overnight stay. Many people get lost, hurt, or stuck in Red Mountain Wilderness and require rescue. Ropes or hand-lines are recommended for most routes. Some canyons are marked as canyoneering, and require full rappelling gear. Do not travel off-route if the area or route is closed. Cell phones do not always work in these areas. Leave all archaeological artifacts where you found them.

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Vendor: DaveNally

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2017-October

Language: English

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