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Map 01: Milos - The Island


Milos Smart Maps is a comprehensive collection of accurate and detailed maps of Milos island featuring tourist information, attractions and sightseeing: Accommodation, Gastronomy, Night life, Activities, Boat Tours, Beaches, Suggested Routes and Hiking Trails as well as Historic, Archaeological & Geological landmarks Collection of 4 Milos Smart Maps: #1 Milos - the Island #2 Adamas - the Port #3 Pollonia - a Quaint fishermen village & Plaka - the Capital #4 Trypiti, Klima, Triovassalos, Plakes, Plaka - Central Villages Credits: Sincere thanks to everyone who made this project possible - Publishing Consultant: Corallia Drounga - Graphic Design: mlDesign ( - Cartography & Geo Texts: Staridas Geography ( - Research: Elisa Drounga, Best of Milos Team - Translation: Dimitris Fragkogiannis - Field research, Toponymy & Trails: Pavlos Belivanakis, Michalis Kyritsis, Giorgos Mallis, Nikos Ninos Galanis, Manousos Xydous Soris - Consulting & Support: Maria Chavaki. Maria Keza, Depy Papadopoulou, Anna Voutsilakou, Thalassitra Boat Tours Photography: Giacomo Cattaruzzi, Corallia Drounga, Michalis Kyritsis, Michael Latsis, Mady Lykeridou Veleta, Vasilis Pappas, Nina Premezzi, Dimitris Tsirigotis Interactive Maps, Milos Trails & More information Copyright © 2018 Milos Smart Maps All rights reserved

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Activities: Hiking

Published: 2018

Language: English

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