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Pikes Peak - Barr Trail and Cog Rail Map


The most famous mountain in Colorado is Pikes Peak. Everyone recognizes the name, Pikes Peak, whether they know much about the mountain or not. Pikes is not the tallest of the mountains in Colorado nor the hardest to climb, but it is positioned on the eastern edge of the Front Range giving it an endless view. After visiting the summit, Katharine Bates wrote America the Beautiful and Pikes Peak became America's Peak. Barr Trail was built by Fred Barr from 1917 to 1921 as a tourist attraction. He used the trail to guide tourist up the mighty east face of Pikes. The trail construction on the Barr Trail is a work of art. Starting at the trailhead in Manitou Springs, the trail climbs 12 miles and 7,300 feet to the summit. Of course the novelty of the mountain is that people also climb the mountain in motor vehicles and by a cog railway. After a grueling climb the hiker is greeted at the summit by hundreds of other visitors all making their way to the souvenir shop, hot doughnuts, and coffee. America is beautiful! Very fit hikers rise early and hike the 24 miles to the summit and back to the trailhead in a day. Others take a couple of days and camp at Barr Camp to shorten their summit day's effort. Another option is to hike up the mountain and ride the cog railway back down to the trailhead or ride up and walk down. Still others choose just to ride the cog railway and to dream about hiking the trail or to drive their motor vehicles to the summit. Any route that you take to the summit and back down again, is a good one. The views are great and all of the routes are long. The cloudhiking map includes waypoints and mileage on a custom topographic map. Happy trails.

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Published: 2012

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