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2303 :: Arkansas River, Leadville to Salida


The Arkansas River, Leadville to Salida Fishing & River Map Guide is designed to be the perfect companion to anyone recreating on the upper Arkansas. On the upper river, there is a great distinction to be drawn between the waters above and below the confluence with Lake Creek. This is partly one of topography—above this point the river is largely an oxbowed meadow stream, while below it flows through the steep and confined channel of the Granite Gorge and on through the several canyons that follow. But it is also differentiated by its hydrology—the flow through the Hayden Meadows reach above Lake Creek is almost totally natural, with a short but intense spring runoff, while the river below that confluence is augmented by releases of water from both Twin Lakes and Turquoise reservoirs. As a result of these impoundments, higher flows are common below Lake Creek in general and throughout the summer in particular. Each Fishing & River Map Guide includes detailed river maps at a scale of 1 inch = 1/2 mile. At this scale every turn in the river and rapid is clearly shown and labeled. Each page is centered on the river and overlaps with the adjacent pages so finding any location along the river is easy. The maps include rapids, river miles, access points, private and public lands, gaging stations, recreation sites, and more.

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Vendor: National Geographic

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Fishing, Paddling

Published: 2017

Language: English

Size: 63.0 MB

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