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Pacific Northwest Trail - Section 10

Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail (PNNST) Section 10 Bogachiel River to Cape Alava Section at a glance: 1) Bear canisters are required by Olympic National Park along the Wilderness Coast, to protect wildlife and visitors. 2) Permits are required to camp in Olympic National Park. 3) Carry a tide chart (pick one up at the outfitters in Forks). Tide charts are required to assess safe times for crossing headlands where shown. If the tide at a given time is lower than what is called out, it is safe to cross, provided the tide is on its way out or it will take longer for it to rise than needed to cross this area. If the tide is higher than the measurement on the map, the area will be impassible and dangerous until low tide. Red track represents the “primary route” for 2017 Black tracks represent popular alternates We hope that you will find these Avenza .pdf maps to be an excellent companion to the printed maps which are available for free at These maps are not intended to be used as an alternative to the printed maps. The print set contains an additional data layer with important notes to assist in planning, navigation, and route selection. Navigation challenges on the Pacific Northwest Trail are not to be taken lightly. In its current stage of development, most of the trail has yet to be signed. Much of the trail is primitive and can be difficult to follow. Some has yet to be built. Following the PNNST is rarely intuitive. Phones and other electronic devices may fail in the backcountry. Building redundancy into your navigation plan is a must! These maps and the information that they contain are distributed for free for non-commercial use only. If you find these maps useful, please consider supporting the PNTA by becoming a member or making a donation at

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