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ROUTE maps [101] Mt. Olympus, Greece


Climb to the Throne of Zeus, enjoy canyoning descents in Orly and mountain biking with views of the kettles. Experience intense moments of ski mountaineering in alpine landscapes, follow the routes that we propose and meet the mountain of the gods. Olympus, where the sea meets the mountain, the earth is united with heaven and mythology is woven with the story. You can buy the printed map by visiting our site: The printed package contains two maps, in 1:20,000 and 1:35,000 scale. The digital map is based on the 1:35,000 scale map. The area covered by the 1:35,000 scale map is prescribed by the village of Kokkinopilo to the west, the beach at Leptokarya to the east, the village of Dion to the north and that of Karya to the south. The map indicates recently cut paths, European Path E4, National Path O2, and the road network, shown with the distances in kilometres. The 1:20,000 scale map depicts the area of greater interest with topographic precision. It is an easy to read and user-friendly map, lightweight and easy to fold. Recommended trekking and biking routes with route profiles and descriptions, 3-D depictions of the ground morphology, photographs, information and places of interest, comprise an up-to-date, concise guide to Mt. Olympus. The map is used officially by the Hellenic Rescue Team. Our contact information is: E-mail: Website: Phone: +30 25410 77766

Price: $ 8.99 USD

Vendor: ROUTE maps

Category: Topographic

Activities: Hiking, Cycling, Skiing

Published: 2017

Language: English, French, German, Greek

Size: 86.0 MB

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