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Val Strona hiking map 1:25000 n.16


Thanks to the collaboration of “Club Alpino Italiano” of Varallo - EstMonterosa, and “Corpo Nazionale di Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico” of Piedmont Region, Geo4Map offers precise and updated mapping of the foothpaths. Clear mapping, contour lines every 20 metres and trail finders enable hikers and active outdoor lovers to choose and tackle routes in full safety. The Valle Strona is a small stretch of alpine land that was, during the ice age, surrounded by mighty glaciers: that of the Monte Rosa to the north, sloping down to the Val d'Ossola, and that of the Valle del Toce to the east, meeting, near mount Montorfano, with the great Ticino glacier. Morphologically, the Valle Strona consists of a wide glacial cirque in the upper part and a deep channel carved by the river in the lower part. At the entrance to the valley, where the Ticino glacier once met with that of the Valle Strona, the rocks and the sediment deposited to form the Quaggione and Quarne terraces, overlooking the lakes below. Sat in this landscape, villages here marvel visitors with their well-designed layouts, interesting architecture and history, long-standing tradition, religious fervour and the skills of the local woodworkers – or Gratagamul, as they are called in the local dialect – passed down generation after generation. During the 14th century, the valley saw the settlment of Walser people from the nearby Valsesia. The Valle Strona is well known in the scientific community for its geological value, due to the presence of some important outcrops brought up to the surface from deepest levels of the earth's crust. The village of Campello sits on the “insubric line” fault system, while, between Campello and Forno, the so called Stronaliti are compact light-coloured metamorphic granulite rocks named after the valley itself. The area is characterised by the presence of numerous caves, the Sambughetto ones, in particular, known among paleontologists for their rich fossil fauna. Particularly worthy of note are also the old operations for the mining of iron, especially from the Alpe Frera mines, and nickel, which took place intermittently in Campello Monti during the 19th and the 20th century. printed maps available:

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Published: 2021

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