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Lappland map. Luleå - Sulitälma, 1899


Old vintage map of the vicinities of Luleå and Sulitälma in Lappland from 1899, located in Sweden, produced by General Stabens Litografiska Anstalt. The map is drawn to the scale of 1:1,500,000. This digitally re-mastered image is a part of the Discus Media 1900 Collection. Please be assured that no blurring or similar image distortion will appear on your purchased and downloaded image if even the map preview on this page appears blurry, as it is given here for preliminary evaluation only. Looking for a valuable and original gift? Buy this map print on high quality poster paper or polycotton canvas in variable sizes at our online store

Price: $ 1.99 USD

Vendor: Waldin

Primary Category: Educational

Secondary Categorization: Historical

Published: 1899

Language: Swedish

Size: 4.4 MB

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