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Unalakleet National Wild River


The clear, smooth waters of the Unalakleet National Wild River meander gently among the rolling Nulato Hills and across broad expanses of arctic tundra to the seaside village of Unalakleet, Alaska, at the rocky shores of the Norton Sound. Located 400 miles from Anchorage, the village of Unalakleet has approximately 800 people and is accessible only by plane. The headwaters of the Unalakleet River originate in the Nulato Hills. These rolling hills divide rainfall and snow melt between the Norton Sound and the Yukon River basin. At this point, the river is swift and channelized, once it reaches the valley floor it begins to meander. For most of its length, the river has a varying pool/riffle nature, which offers a great diversity of river characteristics, boating skills, and fishing opportunities. The area’s remote location in western Alaska means that visitors are unlikely to meet other recreationists while on their journey. However, travelers will likely encounter fishermen and local travelers in power boats along the lower reaches of the river.

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Vendor: Bureau of Land Management, Alaska

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Fishing

Published: 2017-March-23

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