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100 KM around Cape Town


This map is the most detailed map ever made of the area around Cape Town. It was drawn at a scale 1:150,000 and covers an area of roughly 100 KM (65 Mi) around Cape Town, South Africa. It is the answer to many tourists' requests for a good map of the Western Cape. It is equally suitable for motorists, mountain bikers, cyclists and hikers. A printed paper version exists, which can be obtained through This map is printed on Poly-Art, an indestructible and waterproof material, ideally suited for road maps. Go to www.cabex, for further information about this product.

Price: $ 6.99 USD

Vendor: CABEX Maps

Primary Category: Recreation

Secondary Categorization: Parks

Published: 2010-September

Language: English

Size: 29.8 MB

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