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Great Lakes Bike Tour part 1


This is part 1 of a bike tour that touches four of the five Great Lakes: Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. The tour also includes Niagara Falls, the Niagara River, the Welland Canals and Ontario Vineyards. Part 2 of the tour connects to the north shore of Lake Erie, the third Great Lake of the tour, and follows it to the Niagara Falls/Welland Canals area. Lake Freighters use the Welland Canals to bypass the Niagara River. A quiet bike path follows the canals north from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, the fourth and last Great Lake. The route continues east through Ontario vineyards to the Canadian bank of the Niagara River. An attractive, although often busy, bike path follows the river south to Fort Erie and a bike friendly river crossing to the city of Buffalo, New York on the United States side. Buffalo has an international airport and Amtrak for your return trip, or you can extend your ride by touring the Allegheny Mountains and historic Virginia. See all Bikeverywhere maps

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Vendor: Bikeverywhere

Category: Trails

Activities: Cycling

Published: 2017-March

Language: English

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