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Scottish European Union 2019 - Post Brexit


This "What-If" Scottish European Union 2019 Post-Brexit Political iMap makes a novel and topical addition to your mobile device. This unique Scottish EU map features political colouring showing Europe and the member countries of the European Union as it would be with an independent Scotland and an independent Catalunya. All major Towns, Roads, Rivers and Lakes are shown on this map. This map shows the British Isles as they would appear if Scotland became independent and choose to remain in the EU. Map Details: Scale: 1:4,600,000 Size: 1190 mm x 840 mm (36" x 43.5") Edition: 2nd Year: 2018 ISBN: 978-1-910937-99-0 (Plastic Coated) Map Features: This map depicts all Europe, with the member countries of the European Union politically coloured. After 2019 England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be outside the EU. In this map Scotland and Catalunya have become independent and opted to remain EU member countries. Countries are named alongside physical features such as Oceans, Seas, Bays, Capes, Deserts and Mountain Ranges. Capitals, Other Major Cities and Towns, Mountain Summits, County Names, Roads, Rivers, Lakes, and Railways are also shown on the map. Also available on paper or plastic coated (laminated) from XYZ Maps Scotland

Price: $ 5.99 USD

Vendor: XYZ Maps

Category: Tourist

Published: 2018-June

Language: English

Size: 95.7 MB

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