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Allegheny Mountains Bike Tour part 3


This is part three of a challenging bike tour of the Allegheny Mountains. It's the easiest part of the tour because it leaves the mountains behind and drops gradually to Yorktown, VA on Chesapeake Bay.The area is rich in the history of Colonial and Civil War Virginia with stops in Richmond, Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. See the thumbnail images for the entire route to Yorktown Virginia. The full route follows mountain rivers and climbs and descends steeply graded inclines that require low gearing and solid brakes. If you're strong enough to handle the challenges of this ride, you will be rewarded with stunning scenery on low traffic roads that are generally well maintained. This part skips most of the mountains. Check out the Allegheny Mountains Bike Tour Narrative for more information about the tour. See all Bikeverywhere maps

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Vendor: Bikeverywhere

Category: Trails

Activities: Cycling

Published: 2017-January

Language: English

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