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Val Formazza East hiking map 1:25000 n.11


Thanks to the collaboration of “Club Alpino Italiano” of Varallo - EstMonterosa, and “Corpo Nazionale di Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico” of Piedmont Region, Geo4Map offers precise and updated mapping of the foothpaths. Clear mapping, contour lines every 20 metres and trail finders enable hikers and active outdoor lovers to choose and tackle routes in full safety. Val Formazza is a valley located in Northern Piedmont, in the Lepontine Alps. In the Alpe Devero and Binn Valley area, its landscape is dominated by moraine plateaus, glacial basins and lakes originated from the great Toce glacier. In the early 1900s, this area recorded a boom in the hydroelectric power industry. As a result, some basins were turned into vast bodies of water and the landscape, characterized by villages with wooden houses and typical Walser ovens and mills, was cleverly transformed. The Walsers, namely a German population that settled in this area around the 1200 and used to patrol mountain passes, made cross-border trade across the Gries Pass flourish, by helping traders travel along the Domodossola to Lucerna route and introducing the practice of transporting goods by using packing animals. Thanks to an extensive network of mule-tracks and trails, the Walsers have kept a strong connection with their people of origin, who live in the Rhône valley (the so-called Goms Valley), supporting not only the cross-border trade of goods, but also the journey of people across the ancient Albrun Pass, that was where the inhabitants of the faraway village of Salecchio used to pass through. The valley can be reached on foot through the historical routes, or by bus from Domodossola. Otherwise, it is possible to get to Binn, Ernen, Fiesch and then come back to Domodossola by the train going from Brig through the Simplon tunnel. printed maps available:

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Published: 2021

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