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Valle di Bognanco hiking map 1:25000 n.8


Thanks to the coThanks to the collaboration of “Club Alpino Italiano” of Varallo - EstMonterosa, and “Corpo Nazionale di Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico” of Piedmont Region, Geo4Map offers precise and updated mapping of the foothpaths. Clear mapping, contour lines every 20 metres and trail finders enable hikers and active outdoor lovers to choose and tackle routes in full safety. Bognanco Valley is known as the “valley of the 100 waterfalls”, due to its numerous waterfalls that form from the streams running from the little valleys towards the river Bogna. The landscape of the upper part of the valley is characterised by peat bogs, lakes and springs that become streams. Every year the valley attracts canyoning lovers from all over the world to descend along some of the most interesting flows of Europe. The landscape of the lower part of the valley, connected to Domodossola and the Fonti di Bognanco (Springs of Bognanco), is more urban, and with many typical hamlets. There are over 20 communities in the valley, typically small villages with a rural, simple and functional architecture, with stone roofs and houses that are placed against each others in order to leave as much farming land as possible. In 1863, a young shepherdess found a ferruginous spring that was subsequently promoted by Father Tichelli and the lawyer Mr. Cavallini, making it a profitable thermal business. As a result, Bognanco, especially in the last century, has experienced a unique and unrepeatable economic and social situation. Worthy of mention is the book - discovered by the scholar Tullio Bertamini in the parish archive - that contained three parchment codes, amongst which was the “Transiturus” papal bull by Pope Urban IV which established the Feast of Corpus Christi in 1264. The parchment was given by Pope Gregory X who, in autumn of 1275, on his way back from the Council of Lyon, went over the Monscera Pass in order to reach Domodossola. This represents a very important event, since it witnesses the existence of the historical connection way that had also been used by Baron Stockalper in 1600 for his trading operations. printed maps available:

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Published: 2021

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