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Valle Antrona hiking map 1:25000 n.7


Thanks to the collaboration of “Club Alpino Italiano” of Varallo - EstMonterosa, and “Corpo Nazionale di Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico” of Piedmont Region, Geo4Map offers precise and updated mapping of the foothpaths. Clear mapping, contour lines every 20 metres and trail finders enable hikers and active outdoor lovers to choose and tackle routes in full safety. The Valle Antrona is located at the heart of the eastern Alpi Pennine and belongs to Val d'Ossola. Pizzo del Busin, Pizzo Montalto, Cima Camughera and Moncucco enclose its northern side. Pizzo San Martino, Pizzo del Ton, Pizzo della Cinquegna, Colma and Pizzo Castello surround its southern edge, while the eastern side is enclosed by the Punta di Saas in the lateral valley of the Troncone and by the Pizzo Andolla in the Valle Loranto. The great Bottarello and Andolla glaciers modeled the shape of the valley and prepared the ground for the agricultural development carried out by the first inhabitants, coming from the nearby Valle Bognasco. The economy of the Valle, and in general of the entire area, has benefited from the extraction of iron and gold, giving rise to a flourishing mining industry starting from the late Nineteenth century. For this reason the Valle is nicknamed Valle del Ferro (Iron Valley). The Valle Antrona is known primarily for the traditional parades of the Autani, together with the hiking and mountaineering activities that originate with Lorenzo Mariani, first Alpine guide of Val d’Ossola and first to climb the Via Italiana (Italian Route) to Pizzo Andolla. Still today the hiking enthusiasts can admire during their tours the pristine nature, protected and enhanced in the new Parco dell'Alta Valle Antrona. printed maps available:

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Published: 2021

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