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Valsesia North West hiking map 1:25000 n.4


Thanks to the collaboration of “Club Alpino Italiano” of Varallo - EstMonterosa, and “Corpo Nazionale di Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico” of Piedmont Region, Geo4Map offers precise and updated mapping of the foothpaths. Clear mapping, contour lines every 20 metres and trail finders enable hikers and active outdoor lovers to choose and tackle routes in full safety. The territory of Valsesia extends South-East of Monte Rosa. It is composed of three principal valleys: Valle del Sesia, Val Mastallone and Val Sermenza, and by other minor valleys, among which Val Artogna, Val d'Otro, Val Sorba, Val Vogna and Val Strona, the latter in the province of Biella. The river Sesia and its tributaries travel across the highlands, starting from the slopes of Monte Rosa, reaching Borgosesia, feeding a rich flora for which Valsesia gained the recognition of “greenest valley in Italy”. It is also famous worldwide for river sports and an attraction form many fishing enthusiast thanks to a great variety of fish species. The morphology of the valley is pre-glacial, with metamorphic and volcanic rocks. Glaciers, that have shaped for centuries the Valsesia, form nowadays an extraordinary background in the Alagna territory. Between Valsesia and Valsessera has been attested the presence of a unique, 290 million years old, fossil supervolcano. Geoparco Unesco of the Valgrande has identified several sites where it is possible to observe deep layers of the mantle, brought to surface when the volcano collapsed. The three principal valleys are connected by a dense net of hiking trails, enjoyable by excursionists and hikers of all levels of experience. Paths and signage are manteined by Gruppo CAI, section of Varallo, with the collaboration of local administrations. Valsesia can always astonish tourists, with its combination of extraordinary beautiful landscapes and its unique popular and religious cultural heritage, harmoniously blended with the natural context. printed maps available:

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Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Fishing

Published: 2021

Language: English, German, Italian

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