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WA-Fort Lewis: GeoChange 1990-2011


See places today and in the past. This map is an Authoritative US Topo (an extremely accurate digital USGS topographic map) draped over an NAIP aerial image. Where there is no map content, you see the NAIP image directly, and where there is map content, you see through semi-transparent map features to the NAIP image below. This "sandwich" shows places as they are today, as they were "yesterday," and how they have changed. Example: Where you see a road on the image but no road on the map means the road was built after the map was made. Where green forested areas exist on the map and trees still show on the image means no change in tree cover. For personal and professional use. Customize your map by dropping pins (digital "breadcrumbs") and geotagged photos at key spots. Export the pin’s info to a master database, or view it on Google Earth. See a USGS symbols key for map details.

Price: $ 2.99 USD

Vendor: Western Michigan University

Primary Category: Topographic

Secondary Categorization: Enhanced

Published: 2012

Language: English

Size: 23.0 MB

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