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Twin Cities to Duluth Bike Tour


For Twin Cities bicyclists, riding to Duluth is a right of passage. Whether riding for a charitable cause, a very long day trip or a short bicycle tour, the trip between Duluth and the Twin Cities marks a graduation into a higher level of bicycle riding. The direct route follows, more or less, Interstate 35 and takes advantage of the Willard Munger, Sunrise and Hardwood Creek Trails. The route is mostly flat and car free except for occasional stretches of road which may have traffic. The longer route is designed for bicycle tourists and weaves over to Interstate Park in Wisconsin and Banning State Park near Sandstone, MN for camping. Riders will encounter hills as they enter and leave the valley of the St. Croix River and ride the beautiful, but hilly Hwy 23 between Sandstone and western Duluth. Both routes start, or end at the Gateway Trail in St Paul and Canal Park in Duluth. Both include sections of gravel roads between Harris and Pine City, MN. The gravel roads can be avoided by staying on Forest Blvd. Traffic, however, can be heavy at times on Forest Blvd. See all Bikeverywhere maps

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Published: 2017-January

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