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Oregon Wildlife Management Area 14

Our Oregon Wildlife Management Hunt Maps are the finest available and include spectacular 3D Hillshade topography, topographic lines, public land ownership boundaries, roads, creeks, streams, rivers, and key terrain features. The selected hunt map boundary is layered with numerous public land designations like blm, forest service, state lands, trust lands, reservation lands, wildlife areas, and more. Use these maps to navigate to and within the Oregon Wildlife Management Hunt Map unit. Drop pins to mark your secret spots, create gps navigation routes, add photos to each of your marked locations for reference and mark your kill spots to return to when successful and packing out your meat. Trask 42% public lands. Beginning at McMinnville; southwest on State Hwy 18 to Salmon Rvr; west on Salmon Rvr to Pacific Ocean; north on Pacific Ocean coastline to north shoreline at mouth of Tillamook Bay; east on north shoreline of Tillamook Bay and Wilson Rvr to State Hwy 6 at Mills Bridge; northeast on Hwy 6 to State Hwy 8 near Gales Cr; southeast on Hwy 8 to State Hwy 47 at Forest Grove; south on Hwy 47 to State Hwy 99W; southwest on Hwy 99W to McMinnville, point of beginning.

Price: $ 4.99 USD

Vendor: Map the Xperience

Published: Oct-16

Language: English

Size: 35.5 MB

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