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Coyote Buttes & White Pockets


Coyote Buttes, known more popularly as "The Wave", is one of the most intriguing places in the Southwest, with an interlacing of sandstone and thin layers of lighter colored rock that have been eroded by wind and water to create a series of formations with beautifully flowing patterns. Coyote Buttes is a part of a larger area known as the Paria Plateau that is composed of sand-filled valleys and outcroppings of brilliantly colored rock known as the Paria "pockets" — including White Pocket, Cottonwood Cove, Yellow Strip and Pine Tree Pocket — any dozens of other ridges, knolls, needles and buttes to explore. Having the Coyote Buttes & White Pockets map on your phone or tablet PROVIDES A SAFE WAY TO ENJOY all of these with the comfort of knowing where you are at all times. Permits A permit is required for access to the Wave or Cottonwood Cove (South and North Coyote Buttes). For more information go to Things to Know The Paria Plateau area roads are often covered with sand — in some cases deep enough that driving them requires a great deal of skill, especially when attempting to climb steeper sections of a road that you will often encounter out there. A 4x4 high clearance vehicle is a must. It is recommended that you travel in groups to avoid being caught on your own and stuck. Make sure you have plenty of food and water with you and always travel with at least one other vehicle. This is NOT a good place to be stuck or to learn how to drive offroad in deep sand for the first time. As one local website posted this warning to anyone attempting to drive into the interior parts of the Paria Plateau, including White Pockets area: "For tourists with little to no sand driving experience, no navigation tools, and no satellite communication device, who are wondering whether a rented Ford Escape (or any other rented “SUV” or crossover) with little clearance, bad tires, a weak engine, and All Wheel Drive (AWD), which is NOT 4WD, will make it to White Pocket, the answer is a definite NO. For every one of these that make it, ten others fail and waste their time or get themselves in a desperate situation. For those that actually ask, the BLM does not always do an adequate job of explaining the risks associated with White Pocket Road Conditions."

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Vendor: Santa Barbara Outdoors

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Offroading

Published: 2016

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