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Grand Gulch Hiking Map


Hiking Guide to the Grand Gulch region of Cedar Mesa. Grand Gulch is one of the premier locations in the Southwest to explore both some of the most spectacular canyons in Utah and to begin a personal relationship with the ancestral Puebloans who lived in the area more than a thousand years ago. The hiking map provides a safe and easy way to explore this part of Cedar Mesa and to know where you are at every moment. Whether for an overnight backpacking trip or a day outing, the map makes it possible to know exactly how to get to the trailheads leading into the tributaries of Grand Gulch and where you are all along the way. Stay safe with PDF Maps and our Guide to Hiking Grand Gulch. Respect the Canyons The main rule for exploring any of the canyons in the southwest is to leave the places you visit exactly as found them — or more importantly, better than you found them. . Do not collect any object - historical, geological or botanical. Removing or disturbing of historic items is a federal offence, according to the Antiquities Act of 1906 and the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979. Please don't touch or trace around any rock art - petroglyphs (etchings), pictographs (paintings) or signatures. Oils from the skin can accelerate erosion. Do not rearrange items, such as by creating piles of pot fragments or other artifacts. Do not climb, sit or lean on walls and roofs of any ruins you come upon. Some may look sturdy but all are potentially delicate and unstable. Avoid walking on middens - these are ancient refuse heaps, commonly found close to ruins, recognizable by a slightly raised mound, often darker in color than its surroundings. Do not use ropes or other climbing aids to enter archaeological sites. If camping is permitted, then camp a reasonable distance away from archeological sites, and do not build fires in the vicinity. Keep pets leashed at all times, and well away from any archeological sites. In many regions, such as Grand Gulch, all pets are prohibited. Report any acts of vandalism, to the BLM or other management agency Stay on established trails where possible, to reduce erosion. Do not leave litter, even organic items, as these can attract wildlife, who can damage ruins by burrowing or nest-building. Thank you.

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Published: 2016

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