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Wild Map™ Insula (Terrain)


Wild Map™ Insula is part of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) series of maps from Quiet Wild, LLC. The BWCA is a million acre wilderness within Superior National Forest. It is located along the U.S. and Canadian border in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota's North Woods. This map encompasses the Lake Insula area, including nearby Alice Lake, Hudson Lake to the west, Amber and Fishdance Lakes to the east, Kiana lake to the north, and Hope and Maniwaki Lakes to the south. The map includes detailed paddle, portage, hike and camp information for this region. Map features include: • Lake Insula; Hudson, Alice and Fishdance Lakes; Amber, Bow and Fisher Lakes; Benezie, Fire, Starlight, and Museum Lakes; Lake Carol and Kiana Lake; Hope, Promise and Maniwaki Lakes. • Drumstick, Ahmoo, Arrow, Hope and Maniwaki Creeks; portions of the Kawishiwi River. • Eastern Drag Lake and northwestern Fungus Lake Primitive Management Areas (PMAs). • Southern segments of the Old Pines hiking trail (west Kekekabic Trail). • Insula Lake State Forest. • Northern areas affected by the Pagami Creek Fire of 2011. • Fishdance Lake pictographs. The Wild Map™ series of maps was created for serious outdoor enthusiasts who require the highest level of scale, detail, accuracy and quality. No matter the activity, paddle, hike, bike, ski, sled, fish or hunt, this additional tool in your map toolbox will help expertly plan and execute your next trip or outing. Map highlights include: • Extra large scale and high resolution for optimal detail. • Top quality elevation contours and shading for accurate terrain reading. • Many trails and locations mapped for precision by Quiet Wild team. • Popular paddle routes included with distances. • Traditional print maps also available. Quiet Wild was established to develop products that help people master the challenges and enjoy the wonders of our natural world. It is our hope that Wild Map will encourage you to go outside and experience some wild place of adventure, beauty and quiet. Thank you for supporting Wild Maps! Quiet Wild, LLC

Price: $ 3.99 USD

Vendor: Quiet Wild, LLC

Category: Topographic

Activities: Hiking, Hunting, Cycling, Skiing, Paddling

Published: 2016-July-27

Language: English

Size: 153.3 MB

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