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Santa Barbara Trail Map


Detailed map of trails in the Santa Barbara area, from Goleta to Carpinteria and from the ocean to the Santa Ynez River Valley. Contains dozens of hiking and biking routes within 10 miles of Santa Barbara, along with beach access points and key locations in town. Includes trails in the Santa Barbara front country, Santa Ynez Mountains and the upper and lower Santa Ynez River Valley. Hill shading and contour lines provides an easy-to-view format. Scale 1:28,000. The easiest way to discover every trail on your visit to Santa Barbara and to know exactly where you are at every moment. For detailed information about the the trails shown on the map visit

Price: $ 2.99 USD

Vendor: Santa Barbara Outdoors

Category: Parks & Forests

Activities: Hiking, Camping, Cycling

Published: 2016


Size: 100.5 MB

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