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Napoleon Zaandam


When Zaanstad was still laying next to the sea! The map that covers this lock-keepers cottage, is the exact representation of this area situated in 1812. This lock was the connection of the river the Zaan with the IJ to Amsterdam. Zaandam (now Zaanstad), was at that time over the IJ directly connected to the Zuiderzee and the North Sea. The tides were a daily rhythm along the IJ-dikes of Zaandam, Westzaan and Assendelft. The dam in the river where this lock is the only fixed link between West and East -Zaandam. The origin of this map After the annexation in 1810 of the Kingdom of Holland to the French Empire, Napoleon ordered to establish a Land Registry according to French customs, with the aim to collect taxes. The year 1811 started with surveying the Netherlands. Each parcel was measured by a variety of surveyors and included with a cadastral number, which gave reference to the accounts where data of ownsership was recorded. Hundreds of windmills The first cadastral maps, also called minute plans, give a very detailed impression of the Netherlands from 1811 to 1835. The first maps of the Zaan-area were completed in 1817. At that time, there were still 355 working mills in Zaanstad. The Zaan and adjacent wetlands with locks and the open connection to the IJ were the ideal conditions reach te sea and Amsterdam. These were the motorways to wealthy Amsterdam and an open connection to sea. Napoleon in Zaandam Emperor Napoleon did not only reign from a remote distance, he has actually been here. On October 13th in the year of 1811, Emperor Napoleon and Empress Marie-Louise visited Zaandam, with, as a main goal, to visit to the Czar Peter House dating from 1632. Experience 1811. MapFactory has digitally redrawn the 45 cadastral maps dating from 1811 and merged into a new map. This map is now available as an app for smartphone and tablet. A part of the map is available for free. The map is so accurate and detailled that GPS shows exactly where you are, today, in the map dating 1811. Enjoy, and take a stroll through the city centre where Napoleon once walked. Maps Many more historical and tourist maps can be found at:

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Published: 2005-November-27

Language: Dutch, English

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