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(61149a1) Page 024 Anchorage - West


This is a single page from BaseImage's nationwide 1:24,000-scale Backcountry Atlas series. The Backcountry Atlas breathes new life into the original hand-drawn USGS topo dataset with 3D shaded-relief effects, extensive color enhancements, and a long list of supplementary data layers. The depth and color enhancements make the landscape more spatially intuitive, and the extra layers help identify out-of-the-way ponds and meadows, intermittent springs, hiking trails, BLM roads, Forest Service fire roads, buttes and bluffs, as well as many, many other POI’s. To browse the full set of 1:24,000-scale, 11x17 printed paper Backcountry Atlases, go to

Price: $ 0.99 USD

Vendor: BaseImage Publishing

Category: Topographic

Activities: Hiking

Published: 2016-February-1

Language: English

Size: 28.4 MB

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